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Temporary Foreign Workers

The following are a few general points relating to Temporary Foreign Workers:

Term of Employment – One to two years.

Wages - The same basic wages as a local worker in a similar position.

Transportation – Unskilled workers return air fare is provided by the employer. Skilled workers may pay their own transportation costs, at the discretion of the employer.

Accommodations – The employer is not required to supply accommodation, however they must ensure that accommodations are available in the area. If the employer decides to provide accommodations, up to 33% of the worker's gross wages may be deducted for rent.

Retention – If a foreign worker leaves an employer with the intention of changing jobs, the new employer must first have an approved Labour Market Opinion issued for that worker. This approval process can take months, and during this time the foreign worker cannot legally work. It is not normally attractive for the workers to leave their initial employer.

World Talent would be pleased to discuss your needs and provide you with further information relating to our services, and the various foreign worker programs that you can take advantage of.

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